Chester J​oi​nery

Fitted Bedrooms & Wardrobes

As fitted bedroom specialists Chester Joinery craft every piece of bedroom furniture using the finest materials available. We create every design to order, resulting in no two bedrooms being the same. A well-designed bedroom can transform your space, making it clutter-free, tidy, and altogether more inviting and relaxing. Deciding on bespoke designed furniture provides you with the freedom to choose every detail in comparison to purchasing through a retail outlet, meaning your bedroom is truly custom made for you. No matter the bedroom size or restrictions, we promise to design a fitted bedroom or wardrobes carefully tailored to you. 

Beautiful fitted and sliding wardrobes can help create a peaceful haven for you to relax in. Many of our homes lack the storage space we need, and free-standing wardrobes do not make the most of the space. Built in wardrobes create more space, three times more to be exact making the most of every inch of space. If you are looking for practical storage solutions which will help you gain more storage into smaller areas, our bespoke interiors and cleaver storage solutions will help you achieve just that. Our fitted bedrooms can be tailored to fit the height of the room and maximise the space available, even if the bedroom is an awkward space

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